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Autumn Vine Cushion Using Rowan Felted Tweed

Autumn Vine Cushion Using Rowan Felted Tweed

"Stripey blocks, flowing leaves."

A striking blend of geometry and grace, the Autumn Vine Cushion weds crisp, colorblocked bands with a flowing, leafy motif. This cushion cover looks classic, yet modern, in three different colors—two tonal and one contrasting. Even the reverse side, with its simple, seed-stitch button band, is lovely.

The Autumn Vine Cushion is knit in Rowan Felted Tweed, a warm, woolly favorite. This fiber is on the finer side of DK-weight and blends merino wool with alpaca and viscose. As a result, it has softness and spring, drape and luster—and beautiful color options! In fact, for the Seasonal Palette collection, Dee Harwicke has composed a palette of eight colors inspired by the Welsh countryside and her watercolor paintings.

Rowan Seasonal Palette by Dee Hardwicke; softcover, 64 pgs, 9 designs.

COLOR: 803 Winter Blue. Forest moss.

COLOR: 802 Dusk Rose. Salmon pink with blue flecks.

COLOR: 804 Night Sky. Cyan blue.

COLOR: 193 Cumin. Warm golden wheat.

COLOR: 801 Hillside Green. Grass with morning frost.

COLOR: 151 Bilberry. Juicy royal grape.

COLOR: 145 Treacle. Plummy brown (think molasses).

COLOR: 184 Celadon. Weathered sea green.



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