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Emma Bridgewater Fruits & Veggies

Emma Bridgewater Fruits & Veggies

"For avid gardeners & fresh fruit fans."

Happy clusters of strawberries in a deep, ripe red dance across the familiar, beloved creamware from Emma Bridgewater! Whether you’re an avid gardener or a fan of fresh fruit and veggies, this collection will bring the produce of a lush garden right into your kitchen.

Made by hand in one of the few remaining potteries in England, Emma Bridgwater housewares are handsome, sturdy, and collectible. This garden collection mixes well with any creamware and is at home on the table, at a desk, or hanging from hooks on the Welsh dresser!

Tomato Half-Pint Mug.

Tomato 10 ½" Plate.

Tomato Medium Old Bowl.

Yellow Courgette Serving Bowl.

Yellow Courgette 8 ½" Plate.

Asparagus Oblong Plate.

Artichoke Large Old Bowl.

Artichoke 8 ½" Plate.

Figs Oblong Serving Plate.

Figs Large Serving Plate.

Strawberries half-pint mug.

Strawberries French bowl.

Strawberries 6 ½" Plate.

Garden Apples 8 ½" Plate.

Garden Apples half-pint mug.

Strawberries: Jam Jar with Lid.

Strawberries: Small Mug.

Strawberries: Small Straight Jug.

Strawberries: 6.5" Plate.

Strawberries: Medium Old Bowl.

Blackberry: French Bowl.

Blackberry: Half-Pint Mug.

Blackberry: 6.5" Plate.



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1 in stock.

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