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33 Leaves of Tea Tasting Journal

33 Leaves of Tea Tasting Journal

"Record your tea-tasting adventures!"

This pocket-sized journal will be a steadfast, helpful companion on a fun, flavor-filled quest to develop your tea-tasting palate! Tea is one of our leading passions—it’s right there in our name, after all—and this little notebook records our impressions while we become more mindful about what we’re tasting.

Plus, 33 Leaves of Tea was developed with insight from our friends at Smith Teamaker in Portland, Oregon! Each page is dedicated to a single tea with sections for notes, brew stats, tea type, a five-star rating, and a flavor wheel. This last has 20 qualities listed around it, designed to capture tea’s wide range of flavors. For low values in flavor, fill in the dots near the wheel’s center, and for stronger values, fill in the dots closer to the edge. Using the flavor wheel, you can see at a glance each tea’s unique flavor profile.

The Tea-Tasting Journal is made with 100% recycled papers sourced in the Pacific Northwest. It’s then printed using US-grown soy-based inks in Portland, Oregon. There’s even a secret ingredient in the ink—a teeny, tiny amount of real tea.

Looking for a place to start? Taste your way through the Churchmouse Bulk Teas—a pretty well-rounded group of classic teas and herbal infusions!


33 Leaves of Tea (A Pocket Tea-Tasting Journal). Softcover, 16 pages.



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