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Glass Seed Beads - Size 8

Glass Seed Beads - Size 8

"Twinkle, twinkle, little beads."

We love the myriad bead options at our local bead shop. But for knitting and crocheting projects, we curated a selection of size 8 beads that we think work best with lace-weight yarns. There are at least 475 beads per container. (With beads, like wire, the larger the number–the smaller the bead.)

These Mill Hill glass seed beads, manufactured in Japan, have rounded edges and smooth interiors that won’t cut or snag yarn as it passes through. Some of these chameleon-like colors have a metallic lining that catches the light and sparkles like raindrops!

We like to use a crochet hook to attach beads as we progress through the piece. The bead slips down over both ‘legs’ of a stitch. If you decide you want to change bead spacing, just un-knit the stitches and the beads pop right off! (Place a bowl underneath your work to catch your beads.)

Make sure you have a crochet hook that’s the right size for the project: small enough to fit inside the bead along with both legs of the stitch, and large enough to grab the stitch without splitting the yarn ply. We suggest a .9mm hook!

Don't be intimidated by placing beads in your knitting! We have a photo tutorial on our Ravelry group that walks you through the easy steps for placing beads. You'll love the results.

COLOR: 18002. Midnight.

COLOR: 18010. Raindrops.

COLOR: 18011. Sunshine.

COLOR: 18081. Anthracite.

COLOR: 18123. Heirloom.

COLOR: 18801. Snow.

COLOR: 18823. Keepsake.

COLOR: 18825. Ice Wine.

COLOR: 18827. Artifact.

COLOR: 18829. Hydrangea.

COLOR: 18831. Genie.

COLOR: 18099. Carnelian.

Steel Crochet Hook - US 13/14(.9mm). Small enough to bring light-weight yarn through a size 8 seed bead.



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