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Della Q Hook & Needle Cases

Della Q Hook & Needle Cases

"Beginner friendly, easy for experts."

For easy access and portability, store your circular and double-point needles or your crochet hooks in these handsome cases from Della Q.

The quad-fold Needle Case is cleverly designed to hold one complete set of DPNs and multiple pairs of circular needles! With numbered needle pockets (and a few extra unlabeled pockets and notions pockets as well), this pouch ensures the right needle for the right project is right on hand.

The rolled Hook Case was created with the same careful consideration for your collection of crochet hooks! The pockets are wide enough to house Clover’s Soft Touch Crochet Hooks with their ergonomic handles.

You may consider a case for your metal hooks or needles, and one for your wooden hooks or needles!

Della sources her fabric through partnering with a workshop in Vietnam. There, local women are employed to sew her products by hand. In addition to visiting the workshop each year, Della shares a portion of her profits with Mekong Quilts, an organization that trains low-income and rural Vietnamese women in the art of quilting.

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