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Baggu Reusable Bag

Baggu Reusable Bag

"Reduce-able, reusable, remarkable!"

Baggu’s best-selling Reusable Bag is not just for the grocery store. It can hold two to three plastic bags worth of stuff! Now, just to calculate how much yarn we can fit in…

This bag is made from 100% ripstop nylon—which means it’s reliably durable, machine washable, can hold up to 50 lbs, and is guaranteed to stand up to a year’s worth of use. Plus, it folds flat into a 5” by 5” pouch, which slips into your daily tote. Simply a super bag!

The Reusable Bag’s dimensions measure 25½” H x 15½” W x 6” D, with a strap you can carry over your shoulder or hold in your hand.

Reusable Bag, Grey.

Reusable Bag, Citrus.

Reusable Bag, Black.

Reusable Bag, Calico Block.

Reusable Bag, Scarf Floral.

Reusable Bag, Strawberry.

Reusable Bag, Daisy Cat.

Reusable Bag, Chamomile Terrier.



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13 in stock.

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