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Manos Silk Blend

Manos Silk Blend

Manos Silk Blend

Recent WFTO certification honors Manos del Uruguay's more than forty years of changing lives. And their yarns are gorgeous! Their Silk Blend pairs the luster of silk with the warm bounce of merino wool. Each hand-dyed skein is unique and signed by the artisan with the locations of their cooperative.

70% merino wool, 30% silk;
50g, 150 yds(135m); 22-24 sts = 4"/10cm on US 4-6 (3.5-4mm).
Hand wash.
COLOR: 3120 Olivewood. A dappled grove of warm olive greens, sea blues, bronze and sunny yellows.

COLOR: 3301 Abalone. Pretty pale lavenders, blues, sage and white, with a pearlescent luster.

COLOR: 3303 Spumoni. A yummy scoop of cocoa, creamy strawberry, peaches and pistachio.

COLOR: 3031 Nickel. A semi-solid grey with a hint of pink.

COLOR: 3014 Natural. Pearly cream.

COLOR: 300M Bing Cherry. Plummy wine.

COLOR: 3008 Black. Ebony.

COLOR: 300C Powder. Delicate powder blue.

COLOR: 300G Coffee. Rich dark brown.

COLOR: 3122 Mermaid. Like an iridescent tropical fish: turquoise, sea blue, all shades of green, lavender, and bright purple.

COLOR: 3311 Arctic Shadow. The shady side of a mountain: earthy browns, soft black, muted cream, and bright sky blue.

COLOR: 3208 Cherry Blossom. The gentle pink of spring cherry blossoms.

COLOR: 3068 Citric. Bold chartreuse.

COLOR: 3217 Dark Wash. Dark sapphire blue.

COLOR: 3043 Juniper. Dark turquoise blue.

COLOR: 300s Magenta. Unabashedly magenta.

COLOR: 3222 Marsala. Antique rose.

COLOR: 3220 Marzipan. Semi-solid swirls of almond.

COLOR: 3055 Olive. Semi-solid swirls of olive greens.

COLOR: 3214 Oxygen. Semi-solid swirls of translucent aqua beach glass.

COLOR: 300u Rust. Warm red fox brown.

COLOR: 3203 Tomato. Red-hot glowing embers.

COLOR: 300x Topaz. Deep ginger honey.

COLOR: 3302 Deep Sea. Variegated greens, teal, periwinkle, and muted gold.

COLOR: 3105 Lava. Variegated black, red, dark rose, navy, and toffee.

COLOR: 3113 Wildflowers. Variegated pastels: pinks, lavender, tangerine, soft sage, flax, pale lemon.



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