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Lang Cashmere Light

Lang Cashmere Light

Each skein of Lang’s Cashmere Light is like a small cloud of featherlight fluff. This worsted-weight yarn has a lovely airiness thanks to the very loose, chainette construction of its strand. Precious, softly waving fibers from the downy coats of cashmere goats are blown through, giving this yarn plenty of puff. Cashmere Light is oh, so soft—we’re thinking of the coziest accessories to wear against our skin!

88% cashmere, 12% nylon; 25g, 93 yds (85m); 5 sts = 1"/2.5cm on US 10 (6mm).
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COLOR: 04 Black. Pure black.

COLOR: 61 Red. Cherry red.

COLOR: 05 Grey. Medium grey.

COLOR: 96 Champagne. Cream with a pale pink tint.

COLOR: 98 Olive. Forest green.

COLOR: 25 Navy. Royal navy blue.

COLOR: 70 Charcoal. Dark grey.

COLOR: 80 Burgundy. Dark red wine with a hint of brown.

COLOR: 33 Pale Blue. Pale sky blue.

COLOR: 29 Coral. Coral with a hint of strawberry.



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