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Habu Textiles N-6B Root Sizing Silk

Habu Textiles N-6B Root Sizing Silk

Shimmering color, and a joy to work with. It's unusual to find a silk that's been 'sized' like this. The sizing on the fiber gives a crispness so the stitches remain open while you're working. Then with its first wet-block/wash, your fabric gets glossy, soft, and drapey. 

We brought it in for great little lustrous projects, starting with the Crocheted Moebius Cowl 2 "paddles" make the mid-size version.

100% silk. Hand wash. 14g, 88 yds (79m); sport weight.
Looking for ideas? See how we've used this yarn!

COLOR: 1 Orange. Luminous honey.

COLOR: 2 Khaki. Muted olive.

COLOR: 3 Indigo. Tropical seas blue.

COLOR: 4 Purple. Moody medium purple.

COLOR: 5 Pink Red. Hot pink.

COLOR: 6 Grass Green. Spring green.

COLOR: 7 Charcoal. Dark grey with a blue-violet undertone.

COLOR: 8 Mustard. More golden chartreuse than mustard.

COLOR: 9 Gray Blue. Sky blue, with a touch of haze.

COLOR: 10 Gray. Shimmering silver.

COLOR: 11 Red. Glowing cerise.



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