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Formosa Oolong

Formosa Oolong

Formosa (now Taiwan) is famous for Oolong and has been for several centuries. After tasting ours, we feel their fame is well deserved. Traditionally, Oolongs have a smooth nuttiness and either peach or apricot undertones. Ours seems to side more with apricot. When brewed, it produces a rich coppery color so beautiful it makes your mouth water.

Oxidation and firing are what turn a green tea into a black tea. When the process is interrupted along the way, you get Oolong. In this respect, Oolong tea takes talent and timing. But the results are worth it. Our Oolong is more black than green, but softer than most black teas. 

Note: packed in a facility that handles nuts.

Not boiling water (195 F). Steep 4 minutes. No milk needed.

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