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Karbonz Needle Sets

Karbonz Needle Sets

"The best of both needle worlds!" 

These smooth, seemingly indestructible light carbon-fiber needles have just the right amount of surface grabnot as slick as metal, not as 'sticky' as bambooso your stitches stay nicely in place. The nickel-plated brass tips make for fast knitting and have the perfect degree of pointiness and just the right amount of 'slip' for easy movement (No more tender fingertips!) And the kits' sleek designbrushed silver fabric, sturdy elastic straps, see-thru front windowmakes for easy portability, is thinner than a paperback, and great for travel! At home, you’re ready for another project whenever you fancy starting one. 

The Double Pointed 6" Sock Needle Set includes US sizes 0, 1, 1 ½, 2, 2 ½ and 3. (That's 2.00, 2.25, 2.50, 3.00 and 3.25mm for our metric friends.) Pam always has these in her tote bag for lunchtime knitting.

The Special Interchangeable Needle Set includes 3½" needle tips ranging in size from US 4 through 10 (3.5mm through 6.0mm). New to this setthe bright yellow flexible cable cords which create needle length of 16"/40 cm! Easy to see and count your stitches against the bright background, and super flexible right at the join where you need it most. Also included are 4 end caps, 2 cord keys, and 1 set of size markers. (If you should need your needle tips for another projectyour existing project can stay on the cord with a little reminder coin for what needle you were using.)

The Interchangeable Deluxe Set of 4½" needle tips are sized from US 2½ through 10 (3.00 through 6.00mm). The set comes with 4 flexible cables (1 at 24"; 2 at 32"; and 1 at 40") that won’t kink or twist and 4 cord “keys” to join them tightly and smoothly to the needles. The 8 end caps included in the set let you keep your work safely on a cable until you’re ready to work with it again, and size markers slip onto the cables to prevent any confusion about what needle size you were using.

Double-Pointed 6" Sock Needle Set

Interchangeable Deluxe Set (24"-40" Circular)

Special Interchangeable Set (16" Circular)



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