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His Vest Using Rowan Cashmere Tweed

His Vest Using Rowan Cashmere Tweed

“From ‘his’ to ‘hers’ and back!”

The vest you’ve been asking for—for him or her! The slightly high V-neck has a modern look, the ribbed armbands extend just to the shoulder’s edge, and the easily-adapted length is designed for hands-in-pockets ease. Equally right for business or casual, it fits perfectly well over a men’s button-up shirt, a woman’s dressy blouse, or a relaxed tee.

We knit this version of His Vest in Rowan’s DK-weight Cashmere Tweed. This yarn has all the warm woolliness of our favorite tweed, but with a softness that can only be achieved with cashmere. It’s a blend of 80% wool and 20% cashmere with a lofty, 2-ply twist. And we love Cashmere Tweed’s liberally flecked color palette of earthy neutrals and warm jewel tones—plenty of selections for him and her!

Digital His Vest pattern. (Download)

Printed His Vest pattern. (Requires shipping.)

COLOR: 001 Oats. Oatmeal with brown sugar.

COLOR: 002 Smoke. Campfire smoke.

COLOR: 003 Granite. Dark grey with specks of blue and purple.

COLOR: 004 Night. Starry night sky.

COLOR: 005 Cinder Rose. Dark mauve with specks of cream and red.

COLOR: 006 Andorra Red. Spiced red wine.

COLOR: 007 Camel. Classic tweed.

COLOR: 008 Chocolate. Fudge with walnuts.

COLOR: 009 Ruby. Ruby red with specks of pink and blue.

COLOR: 010 Mustard. Honey mustard.

COLOR: 011 Petal. Cotton candy pink.

COLOR: 012 Jade Garden. Dark aquamarine with brown specks.

COLOR: 013 Yorkshire. Dark turquoise with pops of brown and blue.





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