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Rowan Kid Classic

Rowan Kid Classic

Kid Classic has been a favorite at the shop for nearly ever and we stock nearly every current color. Because it isn't brushed 'fluffy,' Kid Classic is that rare mohair that's flattering on women and handsome on men. The lambswool offers loft and resilience while the mohair adds luster, depth of color and tonal complexity. Knit to the ball-band gauge, it has a soft drape but Kim Hargreaves often designs with Kid Classic at 21 sts to 4" for a little more structure. Try it both ways!

70% lambswool, 22% kid mohair, 8% nylon; hand wash.
50g, 153yds/140m; 18-19 sts = 4"/10cm on US 8-9 (5-5.5mm).
Looking for ideas? See how we've used this yarn!

COLOR: 825 Crushed Velvet. Classic red, red wine.

COLOR: 847 Cherry Red. A cool delicious red.

COLOR: 871 Canard. The lustrous blue-green of a mallard duck.

COLOR: 866 Bitter Sweet. Grey with a smokey lavender undertone.

COLOR: 831 Smoke. Slate blue grey.

COLOR: 856 Tattoo. Muted cornflower blue.

COLOR: 876 Drought. Hazy sky blue.

COLOR: 828 Feather. Warm rich cream.

COLOR: 888 Pumice. A grey, heathery off-white.

COLOR: 852 Victoria. Rich plum.

COLOR: 890 Cement. Grey with a cool blue undertone.

COLOR: 891 Henna. Straddles the line between purple, grey, and brown.

COLOR: 892 Iron. Deep black.

COLOR: 832 Peat. Rich plummy dark brown, approaching black.

COLOR: 894 Mulberry. Mulberry wine.

COLOR: 895 Clover. Dark, minty forest green.

COLOR: 898 Nude. Naked peach.

COLOR: 899 Floss. Fluffy cotton candy.

COLOR: 897 Lavender. Enveloping lavender.

COLOR: 896 Petrol. Deep and saturated periwinkle.



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