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Easy Yarn Ball Ornaments Using Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride

Easy Yarn Ball Ornaments Using Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride

“Make one and have a ball!”

This free pattern shows you how super easy it is to decorate your tree with mini yarn balls. Get festive with fiber!

We found these little pins from Crystal Palace Bamboo that look like elf knitting needles! And this ribbon from Italy really enhances the look.

You'll also see some yarn suggestions below, but you could use just about any yarn in your stash.

They're so quick and easy that you can make a bunch in a single session, and then have a festive little hostess gift as you visit fellow knitters and crocheters this season.

Click on the Free Pattern tab to see our instructions for making these fun ornaments.

See the "Basic Details" tab for size and supply information.

Wind yarn into a neat, round ball approximately 1½"/3.75 cm in diameter. Cut yarn, leaving a 6"/15 cm tail. Thread yarn tail onto a tapestry needle and bury tail going in from bottom of ball and coming out top.

Fold ribbon in half; re-insert tapestry needle with yarn tail into ball from top to bottom, just catching the fold of ribbon when inserting. For extra security, bury tail one more time going in from bottom to top. Give yarn a firm tug and clip tail.

Tie ribbon ends into a neat overhand knot. Cross seaming pins through ball.

COLOR: M140 Aran. Might be straight from the sheep.

COLOR: M10 Creme. Bright, fresh cream.

COLOR: M03 Grey Heather. A classic mid-tone mix.

COLOR: M180 Ruby Red. A warm, cozy red.

COLOR: M113 Oregano. Rich olive green.

COLOR: Natural thin ribbon with red edging.

COLOR: Natural thin ribbon with black edging.

Bamboo marking pins (package of 10).

COLOR: M165 Christmas Green. Bright emerald green.

COLOR: Natural thin ribbon with silver edging.

COLOR: Natural thin ribbon with rose gold edging.

Bamboo marking pins (package of 8).

Free digital Easy Yarn Ball Ornaments pattern. (Download)





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