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Crocheted Beaded Necklace & Wrap Bracelet Using Habu Root Sizing Silk

Crocheted Beaded Necklace & Wrap Bracelet Using Habu Root Sizing Silk

"Easy chaining + beads = pretty jewelry!"

This simple project, brought to us several years ago by our friend Debbie MacLeod, makes a sparkly accessory and a thoughtful gift. Vary the bead spacing, mix up the colors, add a button, wear them in multipleskeep a bunch on hand for gifting and trading!

Each kit contains: a printed pattern, 1 paddle of Habu Root Sizing Silk, 1 container of size 6 seed beads, a needle, and 3 shell buttons for closures. All you'll need is a size US B/1 (2.25mm) crochet hook!

1 paddle of Habu silk contains enough to make 6-7 38" necklaces. 1 package of size 6 beads should be enough to make up to three 38" (or two 38" and one 19") necklaces. If you'd like to use all of your skein of Habu Root Sizing Silk, visit our size 6 bead page and choose a second package of beads (maybe even in a new color so you can mix things up!)

COLORWAY: Charcoal/Anthracite.

COLORWAY: Orange/Tortoise.

COLORWAY: Khaki/Sunshine.

COLORWAY: Indigo/Midnight.

COLORWAY: Purple/Chameleon.

COLORWAY: Pink Red/Vineyard.

COLORWAY: Grass Green/Magic.

COLORWAY: Mustard/Fools Gold.

COLORWAY: Gray Blue/Mosaic.

COLORWAY: Gray/Raindrops.

COLORWAY: Red/Stained Glass.

Free digital Crocheted Beaded Necklace & Wrap Bracelet pattern. (Download)





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