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Manos Marina

Manos Marina

We can’t help but marvel at Manos del Uruguay’s Marina. But this lovely lace-weight yarn is simply...marvelous! A single ply of 100% superwash merino, Marina’s softness is spectacular. We’ll be wearing it against our necks in any number of lacy shawls and drapey scarves! And Marina carries its space-dyed color—from soft tonal shifts to complementary contrasts—beautifully. The final miracle? Each skein contains a magnificent 874 yds (799.1 m)!

Manos del Uruguay sends their hand-dyed yarns to us in small batches—and each is an individual work of art! This means that occasionally dye lots may vary, and look a little different from our image. If you have any questions about one of these beautiful skeins, we're happy to help!

100% superwash merino wool;
100g, 874 yds; 32 sts = 4"/10cm on US 2 (2.75mm).
Machine wash, gentle cycle or hand wash in cool water; dry flat.
Looking for ideas? See how we've used this yarn!

COLOR: 0031 Piedra. Rich, dark purple blends through to navy blue and down into a pale frost.

COLOR: 0029 Ciruela. Blend of burgundy and purple with pops of pink.

COLOR: 8673 Appalachian. A color party! A blend of pinks, browns, blues, purples and turquoise.

COLOR: 8891 Nostalgia. A soothing blend of stone blues and light earth tones.

COLOR: 0037 Arboretum. A forest in a yarn. Blue spruce, pine, and juniper.

COLOR: 0027 Petrol. Deep navy with a hint of early morning sky.

COLOR: 9001 Oro Viejo. Yellow, cream, and some surprise pops of browns, pinks, and blues.

COLOR: 6977 Suede. Light reed tan with streaks of grey.

COLOR: 9007 Solana. Cool summer sky with rays of bright yellow sunshine.

COLOR: 8917 Butia. Deciduous forest in autumn.

COLOR: 9020 Midas. Pastel earth tones.

COLOR: 5000 Cincuenta. A blend of several shades of purple, finishing with teal, yellow, coral, and pops of blue and orange.

COLOR: 9294 Fresias. Lavender fields in spring.

COLOR: 9217 Log Cabin. Canvas white painted in reds, yellows and blues.

COLOR: 9775 Marble. Soft grey with hints of pale pink and lavender.

COLOR: 9040 Mojito. Cream base with pops of bright green, orange, and blue.

COLOR: 6422 Sangre. Scarlet and deep burgundy.

COLOR: 6362 Vesuvio. Dark amber with pops of bright orange.

COLOR: 7593 Steampunk. Swirling shades of grey.

COLOR: 0044 Atlantis. Bright blue and teal.

NEW COLOR: 65003 Baya. A vivid blend of all the colors in a single skein

NEW COLOR: 4000 Camelot. Copper, teal, and berry colors on a cream base.

NEW COLOR: 7165 Shantung. Shades of turquoise and plum on a cream base.



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