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Garter-Stitch Scarf & Sideways Handwarmers Using Manos Maxima

Garter-Stitch Scarf & Sideways Handwarmers Using Manos Maxima

“A very good place to start.”

This Churchmouse Classroom First Projects pattern is about as simple as it gets—just knit, knit, knit. When you turn garter stitch on its side, the little ridges create a ribbed effect that is nice and stretchy, making the handwarmers easy to fit, with just a wee bit of seaming around the thumbs. Handsome on men and women alike, these easy pieces make great gifts. From you, the knitter!

PHOTO TUTORIALS IN THIS PATTERN: • The anatomy of garter stitch. • Mattress-stitch seaming in garter stitch, end-to-end.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: the long-tail cast-on method, the knit stitch, adding a new ball, binding off, and weaving in tails. Need help with any of these techniques? See our Learn-To-Knit Companion booklet.

Grab the pattern and needles below, and then pick a shade of the Manos del Uruguay Maximaa super-soft, hand-dyed fine merino wool yarn that's easy to knit. The scarf uses 2 skeins, and the handwarmers require just one skein.

Digital Classroom: Garter-Stitch Scarf & Sideways Handwarmers pattern. (Download)

Printed Classroom: Garter-Stitch Scarf & Sideways Handwarmers pattern. (Requires shipping.)

US 8 (5mm) 24" Clover bamboo circular needles.

COLOR: 2020 Spirulina. Shades of yellow, from gold to chartreuse.

COLOR: 2145 Coral. Hot pink.

COLOR: 2183 Sweet Potato. Rich glowing orange with splashes of coral.

COLOR: 2241 Sand. Sandy taupe with hints of warm wheat.

COLOR: 2349 Oxygen. Translucent aqua beach glass.

COLOR: 2426 Stratus. Pale hazy sky blue.

COLOR: 2451 Ion. Blues from cornflower to cobalt.

COLOR: 2545 Pewter. Dark slate blue.

COLOR: 2552 Foil. Pale greys, from silver to pewter.

COLOR: 2590 Natural. Soft pale cream.

COLOR: 2515 Slate. Moody blues and olive greens.





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