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mYak Baby Yak Lace

mYak Baby Yak Lace

Warmer than wool, soft as cashmere. mYak's (pronounced My-yakBaby Yak Lace yarn is a treasure with a story. The journey begins in Tibet, where baby yak down is harvested by hand, combing the undercoat for short, precious fibers. Off to the finest woollen mills in Italy to be softly spun into plies by expert craftsmen. Two plies are gently twizzled together creating a delicate, lace-weight yarn tailor-made for lacy shawls and accessories.

Working hard to preserve the natural properties of the fiber, mYak skips all decoloring and chemical processes, guaranteeing an excellent quality product that respects the environment and the fiber itself. The end result? A soothing set of heathered, earth tones mixed with saturated colors and rich, dark neutrals. Warmer than sheep's wool, and as soft as cashmere, this exquisite 100% baby yak is hard-wearing, luxurious and ethically sourced, and even organic!

Owner Paola won the hearts of our team at TNNA this year, telling us stories of the time she lived and worked in Tibet. There she developed long-lasting relationships with nomadic herders in the high pastures of the Tibetan Plateau. Yak fiber is sourced directly from these herders, supporting their community and ancient way of life. Organic with no wasteany fiber that is deemed unfit to be spun into yarn is either given back to the Tibetan herders so they can make pillow fills for prayer mats or is felted into blankets and other household products. Responsibility, traceability and sustainability.

Note: The Burgundy and Chocolate colors are single plybut this single ply is double the thicknessso gauge is the same.

100% baby yak wool; hand wash.
50g, 380 yds (350m); lace-weight US 0-3 (1.5-3.25mm)
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COLOR: Midnight Blue. Darkest navy.

COLOR: Moss. Dark evergreen.

COLOR: Petrol. Teal, more blue than green.

COLOR: Emerald. Aqua green.

COLOR: Tibetan Sky. Between blue and grey and green.

COLOR: Urban Nature. Muted herbal green.

COLOR: Saffron. Vibrant spicy orange.

COLOR: Mustard. Honey mustard.

COLOR: Ochre. Yellow with a greenish undertone.

COLOR: Oatmeal. Creamy oatmeal.

COLOR: Desert. Driftwood.

COLOR: Natural Chocolate. Rich dark chocolate.

COLOR: Black. True black.

COLOR: Burgundy. Dark burgundy wine.

COLOR: Night Flower. Faded marionberry.

COLOR: Lavender. True lavender.

COLOR: Lazy Day. Denim blue.

COLOR: Canyon. Heathered natural brown.

COLOR: Dusty Pink. Dried pink rose.



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