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Catherine Lowe Silk Mohair 1

Catherine Lowe Silk Mohair 1

Catherine Lowe’s yarn behaves like no other. In fact, her lace-weight 60% super kid mohair, 40% mulberry silk blend knits up into a fabric with stunning grace and integrity. With an extremely stable stitch structure and a glowing halo, the knit fabric of Silk Mohair 1 will retain its shape and appearance through countless wears and washes.

Sourced directly from an Italian mill that supplies fine fashion knitwear, Catherine receives this incredible, superior fiber in single, thread-like strands—which she then hand-winds (yes, hand-winds!) into skeins.

We love to use Catherine’s yarns to knit our own patterns. With several exquisite colors, we have Catherine’s assurance from her Italian dye houses that the colors won’t run!

Note: Because each skein is hand-wound, some colors wind more tightly than others and sizes between colors will vary. However, the yardage is the same.

60% Superfine Kid Mohair, 40% Mulberry Silk, imported from Japan.
Approx. 30g; 400 yds (366m). Lace weight.
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COLOR: Black Violet. Dark plummy purple.

COLOR: Cardinal. Ruby red.

COLOR: Night. Pure black.

COLOR: Peacock. Dark teal.

COLOR: Byzantium. Dusty purple.

COLOR: Nebbia. Softened silver.

COLOR: Porcelain. Gleaming white.

COLOR: Shadow. Soft steely grey.

COLOR: Shy. Petal pink.

COLOR: Storm. Cloudy grey.

COLOR: Vintage. Mulled wine.

COLOR: Whisper. Silver lining.



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