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Alexandra's Airplane Scarf Using Rowan Kidsilk Haze

Alexandra's Airplane Scarf Using Rowan Kidsilk Haze

"Simply stylish."

When Boston-based author and long-time Churchmouse friend Alexandra Dane was in Seattle, she stopped by the shop one day wearing a scarf that turned our heads. We had to share it as a Churchmouse pattern! It's the perfect airplane projectboth to knit and to wear en route. You can style this sheer tube of lace-weight mohair any number of ways, and we've added an optional dusting of tiny beads for a little sparkle. It's just the kind of thing we love—simple, simple, simple, and all about the color!

Grab the pattern below and choose a color from our selection of favorite shades of Rowan Kidsilk Hazeyou'll need 4 skeins. If you want to see all the colors available, just head over to the Kidsilk Haze page.

Digital Alexandra's Airplane Scarf pattern. (Download)

Printed Alexandra's Airplane Scarf pattern. (Requires shipping.)

COLOR: 583 Blushes. A deep lush dusty rose.

COLOR: 606 Candy Girl. A supersaturated clear hot pink.

COLOR: 580 Grace. The faintest whisper of pink.

COLOR: 659 Ultra. Purple with a touch of hyacinth blue.

COLOR: 600 Dewberry. A deep lush dusty mauve.

COLOR: 579 Splendour. A bright clear orchid purple.

COLOR: 641 Blackcurrant. Dark, dark, dark plummy purple.

COLOR: 595 Liqueur. Luscious wine red.

COLOR: 627 Blood. A slightly faded burnt red.

COLOR: 596 Marmalade. A bright rich clear orange.

COLOR: 649 Brick. Soft dusty terracotta.

COLOR: 597 Jelly. A rich acid green, more chartreuse than lime.

COLOR: 629 Fern. A clear dappled leafy green .

COLOR: 651 Forest Green. A deep primeval pine.

COLOR: 582 Trance. A deep lush dusty turquoise.

COLOR: 632 Hurricane. Dark saturated marine blue.

COLOR: 660 Turkish Plum. Deep true navy.

COLOR: 639 Anthracite. Is it grey? Or is it blue?.

COLOR: 592 Heavenly. Simply pale blue.

COLOR: 642 Ghost. A wisp of barely-blue smoke.

COLOR: 634 Cream. A fresh lustrous warm white.

COLOR: 590 Pearl. A wash of warm taupe.

COLOR: 653 Shadow. Rosy mother-of-pearl.

COLOR: 589 Majestic. Smokey grey with a whiff of lavender.

COLOR: 605 Smoke. Deep grey, a shade less blue than Anthracite.

COLOR: 599 Wicked. Blackest black, the urbane basic.

COLOR: 658 Fudge. Rich golden butterscotch.

COLOR: 652 Mud. Tawny winter grasses.


COLOR: 663 Essence. A cheery sunflower yellow.

COLOR: 664 Steel. Softly silver.

COLOR: 666 Alhambra. Clear, bright teal.

COLOR: 610 Mahogany. Medium brown with gold highlights.

COLOR: 614 Strawberry. Cool, light red.

COLOR: 607 Velvet. Vivid purple.

COLOR: 613 Royal. Bright royal blue.

COLOR: 611 Drab. Soft olive green.

COLOR: 609 Atlantic. Bright cerulean blue.





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