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China Black (Yunnan)

China Black (Yunnan)

Our China Black is a magnificent Yunnan, rich with golden tips and full of attention-getting flavor. For some of the customers in our Bainbridge Island shop, it's "China Black, all day, every day." This is the Chinese version of Assam: smooth, round body and rich caramel undertones. But unlike Assam, Yunnan has a mellow somewhat sweet effect that does not require milk

Some notice a faint smokiness to our China Black, and others do not. If anything, the gentle yet robust body of this tea has an aroma reminiscent of a warm kitchen on a crisp, cold day. This tea has been on the top of John's list for many years running. We have customers who order it five pounds at a time!

Boiling water (212 F). Steep 5 minutes.
Great with or without milk.

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