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Yarn Scale

Yarn Scale

"Endlessly useful."

We're amazed at how often we reach for our little scale! It’s an endlessly useful tool that will prove itself again and again. You can use it to divide a 100g ball of sock yarn in half for two socks. You can use it to estimate whether you have enough yarn left to finish a project.

Example: the first sleeve weighs 150g; you need to knit the other sleeve plus a collar; you have 250g of yarn left—you can breathe easy.

You might also use a scale to weigh your swatch and calculate how many square inches of knitting you're getting per gram so you can estimate just how big a project you can get out of your available yarn.

Example: Your 5" by 5" swatch weighs 25g so each square-inch weighs 1g; you have 1,600g of yarn so you can knit about 1,600 square inches or a 40" x 40" afghan.

We always weigh our finished shop samples so we know how many yards of yarn we actually used; this is helpful when we want to substitute a different yarn.

Example: Our hat took two 50g/100yd skeins but weighs 60g so it only used 120yds. A substitute yarn with 120yds per skein would only require one skein.

You'll be surprised at how often a scale will tell you just what you need to know!

Capacity: 2000 g, 70.5 oz. Resolution: 0.1 g, 0.01 oz. Dimensions: 6.2” x 7.2” x 1.6”. Platform dimensions: 4” x 4”. Power: 2 AAA batteries (included).

2kg Yarn Scale.



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