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Tokoname Kyusu (Teapot)

Tokoname Kyusu (Teapot)

"An age-old tradition of tea-making."

This small, red clay teapot, or kyusu, is simple, practical, and graceful. And it comes from the oldest and largest of the six ancient kilns of Japan—Tokoname-yaki, a pottery tradition that spans over 600 years.

Each teapot is still carefully crafted in the Aichi Prefecture in central Japan—a volcanic region with rich, mineral imbued clay that actually makes your tea taste better! The clay reacts with tannins in tea to decrease bitterness and create a satisfying and delightful brew.

With a built in strainer (so you can put loose leaf tea directly into the pot) and a side handle (to easily pour tea while sitting directly across from a guest) this pot will quickly become your favorite tea time tool. And with each use, your kyusu becomes more lustrous, reflecting the individual character of its owner.

This teapot is not microwave or dishwasher safe, but clear and easy-to-follow directions for use and care are included.

12-oz Tokoname Kyusu (Teapot).



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