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Hot Water Bottles

Hot Water Bottles

"The original energy saver."

More than just an excuse to knit a cozy little sweater, a hot water bottle pre-warms the bed and is always ready for a cuddle.

We searched forever to find a state-of-the-art hot water bottle that still had old-fashioned appeal and finally succeeded! These Hugo Frosch, German-made versions are odor-neutral, eco-friendly, and have a high-quality feel. They're manufactured from thermoplastic, are recyclable, and safety tested annually

And they perform! If the water is hot to start, your bottle will hold the heat under covers the whole night through. Shown wearing the Churchmouse Hot Water Bottle Cozy knitted in Rowan Kid Classic with our Snowflake chart inserted.

Hot Water Bottle: Red.

Hot Water Bottle: White.

Hot Water Bottle: Teal Green.

Hot Water Bottle: Pink.

Hot Water Bottle: Black.



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