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Emma Bridgewater Small Creatures Mugs

Emma Bridgewater Small Creatures Mugs

"Wee garden friends."

Busy bumblebees, fluttering butterflies, darting dragonflies, and hopping frogs . . . These Small Creatures remind us of all the wee fellows who visit our gardens. In fact, they look like they’ll buzz, flutter, dart, or hop right off the mug and into our kitchens!

Made by hand in one of the few remaining potteries in England, Emma Bridgewater housewares are handsome, sturdy, and collectible. The Small Creatures mugs mix well with any creamware (especially Emma’s other collections!) and is at home on the tea table, at a desk, or hanging from the hooks of a Welsh dresser.

Half pint mug: Dragonfly.

Half pint mug: Peacock Butterfly.

Half pint mug: Flying Bumblebees.

Half pint mug: Frog.



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