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Emma Bridgewater In The Woods

Emma Bridgewater In The Woods

"Leave the beaten track behind . . ."

With autumnal foliage and familiar woodland friends, this collection from Emma Bridgewater makes us want to wander through the changing trees and leave the beaten track behind!

On one mug, foxes and jays greet each other under the leaves, while on others beavers bustle about busily, and woodpeckers and squirrels search for nuts! Plates feature more foxy friends sitting at attention, stately woodpeckers, and oak trees filled with more woodland creatures.

Made by hand in one of the few remaining potteries in England, Emma Bridgwater housewares are handsome, sturdy, and collectible. This collection mixes well with any creamware and is at home on the table, at a desk, or hanging from hooks on the Welsh dresser!

Half-pint mug: Green Woodpecker and Red Squirrel.

Half-pint mug: Rabbits and Hares.

Half-pint mug: Robin and Rosehips.

Half-pint mug: Foxes and Jay.

Half-pint mug: Beavers.

8.5" plate: Green Woodpecker.

8.5" plate: Fox.

Half-pint mug: Oak.

6.5" plate: Oak.

8.5" plate: Oak.

Half-pint mug: Oak and Acorns.

Half-pint mug: Horse Chestnut and Conkers.



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