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Emma Bridgewater Flower Mugs

Emma Bridgewater Flower Mugs

"Brighten breakfast with blooms." 

Flowers are the most welcome of garden visitors. After a long winter hiatus, we thrill to see early blooms poking up from the thawing earth. The summer heat brings even more variety to the garden, with strong, gorgeous colors. Now with Emma's cheery flower mugs, we can enjoy the freshness and color of the flower beds in any season as we relax with a hot cuppa.

This spring, in addition to the enchanting Red Wallflowers and Pelargonium, we’re presenting these adorable Yellow Wallflower mugs. They’re a cheery departure from the familiar flowers, lovingly illustrated by Emma’s husband, Matthew Rice—these are designed by Emma herself! Each pretty motif is hand-stamped onto the mug using sponges. This means each one is very slightly different and signed by the person who painted it.

Made by hand in one of the few remaining potteries in England, Emma Bridgewater housewares are handsome, sturdy and collectible. The flower mugs mix well with any creamware and look handsome on the table, at a desk, or hanging from hooks on the Welsh dresser—anywhere you need a little cheer. To ask about other limited edition mugs in stock, contact the shop.

Daffodil Half-Pint Mug.

Tulip Half-Pint Mug.

Snowdrop Half-Pint Mug.

Narcissus Half-Pint Mug.

Sunflower Half-Pint Mug.

Marigold Half-Pint Mug.

Dahlia Half-Pint Mug.

Pansy Half-Pint Mug.

Camellia Half-Pint Mug.

Bluebell Half-Pint Mug.

Parrot Tulip Half-Pint Mug.

Multi-Colored Tulips Half-Pint Mug.

Old Rose Half-Pint Mug.

Cornflower Half-Pint Mug.

Nasturtium Half-Pint Mug.

Red Wallflower Half-Pint Mug.

Yellow Wallflower Half-Pint Mug.

Pelargonium Half-Pint Mug.



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