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Emma Bridgewater Farm Animals

Emma Bridgewater Farm Animals

"Farmyard friends."

Enjoy your tea even more in one of Emma's jolly farm animal half-pint mugs. With curved horns and precious woolly coats, Scottish Blackface and Jacob sheep nobly pose for their portrait! Friesian and Hereford cows couldn't look more like the Yorkshire countryside (see the calf by mama Hereford?). And snuffly Berkshire pig beckons to his sweet, spotted Sandy and Black friend, "Let's play in the mud!"

Made by hand in one of the few remaining potteries in England, Emma Bridgewater housewares are handsome, sturdy and collectible. These mugs mix well with any creamware and look handsome on the table, at a desk, or hanging from hooks on the Welsh dresser—anywhere you need a little cheer. To ask about other limited edition Emma items in stock, contact the shop.

Scottish Blackface Sheep Half-Pint Mug.

Jacob Half-Pint Mug.

Sandy and Black Half-Pint Mug.

Friesian Half-Pint Mug.

Hereford Half-Pint Mug.

Berkshire Half-Pint Mug.



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