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Emma Bridgewater Bright New Morning Mugs

Emma Bridgewater Bright New Morning Mugs

"A cheerful start to a wonderful day!"

The whole season of spring always feels like a beginning—like a fresh morning, a bit after sunrise, with the glorious potential of a great day ahead. Somehow, Emma Bridgwater has captured that feeling with the Bright New Morning mugs! Chickens and chicks, rabbits and kits, spring lambs, and a bunch of other farmyard friends hop, frolick, and play around on these colorful, half-pint mugs. Sipping your preferred morning drink out of one is a perfect start to a wonderful day!

Made by hand in one of the few remaining potteries in England, Emma Bridgewater housewares are handsome, sturdy, and collectible. The Bright New Morning mugs mix well with other Emma pieces and your favorite creamware, and are cheerful wherever you bring them!

"Chickens and Chicks" half-pint mug.

"Rabbits and Kits" half-pint mug.

"Bright New Morning" half-pint mug.

"Spring Lambs" half-pint mug.



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