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Dryer Balls & Essential Oils

Dryer Balls & Essential Oils

"Soft, fresh, and eco-friendly!"

This set of three dryer balls from Slow North are not just environmentally-conscious—they’ll decrease dry time and leave your laundry nice and soft! Made of 100% natural wool from New Zealand, these balls are an eco-friendly fabric softener. And, if you like, they can make your laundry smell divine! Just add a few drops of essential oil and enjoy the soft, fresh fabrics that follow.

We’ve picked out three refreshing essential oil scents (sold separately) as an optional addition to these dryer balls—Rosemary & Lemon (uplifting, sweet, and herbal), Lavender & Cedar (soothing, grounding, and slightly sweet), and Eucalyptus & Lavender (relaxing, revitalizing, and transcendent). Each glass dropper bottle contains 0.5 oz of essential oil.

Slow North, based out of Austin, Texas, is committed to creating the finest plant-based scents using only natural essential oils.

Three wool dryer balls in drawstring bag.

Rosemary/Lemon essential oil.

Lavender/Cedar essential oil.

Lavender/Eucalyptus essential oil.



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