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Dryer Balls & Essential Oils

Dryer Balls & Essential Oils

"Soft, fresh, and eco-friendly!"

This set of three dryer balls from Slow North are not just environmentally-conscious—they’ll decrease dry time and leave your laundry nice and soft! Made of 100% natural wool from New Zealand, these balls are an eco-friendly fabric softener. And, if you like, they can make your laundry smell divine! Just add a few drops of essential oil and enjoy the soft, fresh fabrics that follow.

We’ve picked out three refreshing essential oil scents as an optional addition to these dryer balls—Rosemary & Lemon (uplifting, sweet, and herbal), Lavender & Cedar (soothing, grounding, and slightly sweet), and Eucalyptus & Lavender (relaxing, revitalizing, and transcendent). Each glass dropper bottle contains 0.5 oz of essential oil.

Slow North, based out of Austin, Texas, is committed to creating the finest plant-based scents using only natural essential oils.

Three wool dryer balls in drawstring bag.

Rosemary/Lemon essential oil.

Lavender/Cedar essential oil.

Lavender/Eucalyptus essential oil.



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