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Doris Creamware Mugs

Doris Creamware Mugs

"A touch of heirloom in every mug."

Since Churchmouse opened in September of 2000, we have carried creamware from England's Stoke-on-Trent region. So great is our love for this smooth, sturdy earthenware, we've brought in another marvelous mug to grace our shelves. Ready for your next cuppa' tea.

Doris & Co. sent us two wonderful designsthe venerable British hedgehog, who survives against all odds with its natural shield of armor. Inspired by all those who "have displayed fortitude and resilience through a challenging time". Or the small acorna lovely gift for someone in your life who is embarking on a new beginning. Wish them good luck on their venture while reminding them, "from small acorns grow mighty oaks". A sturdy platform base along with a slightly flattened handle for comfortthis mug has beauty, utility and is made to last many lifetimes. As they like to say, "Made of Stern Stuff" indeed!

We all love these two beautiful mugs adorned with the soothing words, “Comfort” and “Patience.” In the midst of the hustle and bustle of our lives, sometimes we need to slow down, have a sip of something warm and “hold a good thought” in our minds. A floral motif waves and whorls across these mugs, framing the simple elegance of these good thoughts.

Doris & Co is devoted to making English creamware pottery using time honored methods. Each and every cream colored mug is hand cast in traditional shapes, combined with a touch of 'loveability'. Decorated using the old fashioned in-glaze method gives their wares a touch of heirloom, but still resilient. Dishwasher safe.

DESIGN: Stern Stuff.

DESIGN: Acorn.

DESIGN: Patience.

DESIGN: Comfort.



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