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Daylight Lamp

Daylight Lamp

"No more squinting!"

The Naturalight™ Table Magnifying Lamp from the Daylight Company is a favorite tool for detailed work! The combination of the 12W full-spectrum circular tube and the 3.5" lens lets us see details like never before. This clean, white, compact lamp comes with a 1.75X lens and a flip-up protective lens cover. Use a bit of soap and water and a soft towel for cleaning the lens. (Avoid using an alcohol-based cleaner, which can cause spider cracks on the lens.) We are loving it for up-close knitting, crocheting and beading, too. Set this on your work table, in your studio or beside your knitting chair and you won’t miss a trick!

Daylight lamp (note: gift bag option not available)

Daylight lamp replacement bulb (note: gift bag option not available)



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