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Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam


The quintessential pantry item—Thursday Cottage’s Strawberry Jam! In scones, cakes, and cookies, spread on toast and accompanied by peanut butter, swirled in your oatmeal or yogurt—anywhere, at any time, the ambrosial flavor of sun-warmed strawberries is a taste of spring.

Two varieties of strawberry are blended together in this jam to maximize flavor, color, and texture using the same care and expertise evident in everything that comes from Thursday Cottage.

Located in Essex, England, nothing much has changed since their start in 1963—the ingredients are the best they can find and the recipes are simple and delicious. Fresh ingredients are stirred by hand and they still hand-pour the jars when they can because they believe it makes a better product. Lovely!

12 oz jar Strawberry Jam.



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