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Smith Teamaker Matcha

Smith Teamaker Matcha

"The traditional tea of the Japanese tea ceremony."

With a brilliant green color and fine, powdery texture, matcha is deliciously singular among green teas—and is the traditional tea of the Japanese tea ceremony. Smith’s matcha is made from tender, green leaves—known as tencha—harvested in early spring in Katsura, in the Gifu prefecture of Japan. It’s pure, powdered tea leaf (even the veins are removed), so a little goes a long way. Rich, slightly sweet, and vegetal, matcha is not only used as a tea, but as an ingredient in Japanese sweets, mochi, noodles, ice cream, and more. Plus, much is written about the health benefits—hooray for antioxidants!

Smith Teamaker says that for best flavor, bring water to 175ºF. Add between half to one full teaspoon of matcha per six ounces of water. Then, whisk vigorously for at least thirty seconds—Erika, our tea buyer recommends using back and forth motions mixed with circular motions. Smith’s bamboo tea whisk is perfect for the job—pick one up below!

Matcha; 1.4oz (40g) tin.

Bamboo matcha whisk.



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