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Savory Spreads

Savory Spreads

"Make ordinary dishes extraordinary." 

When the Churchmice first tasted these Pure & Simple Savoury Spreads from Wildly Delicious, the yum was unanimous. Holy. Moly.

We decided on two spreads that represent the scrumptious marriage of sweet and savoury flavors. Nowhere is that union more divine than in the Sweet Red Pepper Jelly. It’s a compelling, impeccable jam that will bring a little heat to your dishes. And the Caramelized Onion & Maple Confit? Heavenly. Deep brown maple syrup is folded into golden, caramelized onions to create this versatile spread.

Enjoy with beef, pork, chicken, paté, salmon, on sandwiches and cheese plates, on pastas and burgers! And Erika says each of these is the perfect complement to a number of crackers and breads. Trained as a professional baker, she would know.

Carmelized Onion Maple Confit.

Sweet Red Pepper Jam.

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