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Mileeven Honey with Jameson Irish Whiskey

Mileeven Honey with Jameson Irish Whiskey

"Luck o’ the Irish." 

Pure honey with a wee whiskey kick? Irresistible. With Mileeven’s Honey with Jameson Whiskey, two exemplary Irish brands have joined forces to create a honey with a sweetly robust flavor. It’s delectable for baking or glazing and is delicious on toast, scones, or ice cream. But, of course, we think it’s the most divine when added to our tea. Many Churchmice swear by it—it instantly banishes the chill from a cold Pacific Northwest day!

Mileeven was established in 1988, when Eilis Gough decided to take her beekeeping hobby a step further. The name comes from the Irish for ‘honey’—mil—and ‘delightful’—aoibhinn. And their honey has been delighting tasters the world over ever since.

One jar contains 8 oz of pure honey with 1.2% Jameson Irish Whiskey.

Crystallization Notes:

All honey will, at some point, turn into sugar crystals. This doesn’t mean your honey has gone bad, and it does not affect the taste or quality of your honey.

Honey crystallization—also called granulation, solidifying, or sugared—is a natural process that’s due to the type of flower the honeybee visited. The nectar’s floral source determines the rate at which the honey will turn into a solid state, which also depends on how stable the sugar crystal is within the nectar.

If you want to slow the crystallization of your honey, do not store it in the refrigerator! Cold temperature actually speeds up the granulation. However, some actually prefer it in this solid state. It spreads on toast without escaping off the sides, and it won’t drip off the spoon before you stir some in your tea. Of course, you can easily return your honey to its liquid state, if you like. Just gently warm your jar in hot—not boiling—water.

Honey with Jameson Whiskey (8oz jar).



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