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Harney & Sons Holiday Teas

Harney & Sons Holiday Teas

"A Churchmouse holiday tradition."

The holidays hum with tradition don't they? One of our favorite shop traditions is Harney & Sons Holiday Tea—a rich black blend happily spiced with citrus, almond, clove and cinnamon. It's been gracing our holiday shelves for eighteen years now!

We also love Harney's subtler, lower caffeine White Christmas Tea, with vanilla, almond, chamomile, and a hint of cardamom.

As soon as she opened a tin of the Celebration Tea and took a whiff, our tea buyer, Erika, was in heaven. An irresistible blend of black tea, apricot, hazelnut, cinnamon and cornflowers, it’s delightfully juicy and so smooth to drink. It perfectly captures the magic of the season.

Some of us count on a glimpse of a Harney's tin peeking out of our stocking—the kettle is on before we settle in to present opening!

And each blend makes a softly scented potpourri.

Premium Holiday Tea - 20 teabag tin.

Holiday Tea - tagalong with 5 sachets.

Holiday Tea - loose 4oz tin.

Premium Holiday Tea - 20 sachet box.

White Christmas tea - 20 sachet tin.

Celebration Tea - 20 sachet tin.

Celebration Tea - 30 sachet tin.

Holiday Tea - 30 sachet tin.

White Christmas Tea - 30 sachet tin.



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