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Flavored Sugars

Flavored Sugars

"Add flair and crunch to any dish." 

With these adventurous sugars created under the tutelage of chef Didi Davis, your sugar bowl becomes a conversation piece. The jewel-like crystals of cane sugar are interspersed with colorful flavors. Use them to enhance the flavor and texture of sweet and savory dishes.

Hand-blended in small batches to ensure quality and freshness, these flavorful sugars use pure, natural, premium ingredients. For example, the citrus is grated fresh! All are wonderful on toast, hot cereal, yogurt, ice cream, fresh cheese, in fruit salad, and in, of course, tea.


Chamomile Vanilla Sugar.

Lavender Sugar.

Lemon Sugar.

Rose Sugar.

Orange Ginger Sugar.



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