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Cookie Embellishments

Cookie Embellishments

"Grown-up sprinkles."

Are we ever too grown up for sparkling, iced sugar cookies? Of course not! But these Cookie Embellishments from India Tree add an adult elegance to any cookie, gingerbread house, or cupcake you’d like to decorate. They’re basically grown-up sprinkles!

The Sparkling Sugar is a classic, bright white—added to fresh icing, it’ll make your cookie glisten like new-fallen snow. The lustrous Oyster Pearl French Dragées have a pearly glow and round shape—an exquisite touch to your sweet treats!

Please note: Though the Oyster Pearl French Dragées are made from digestible, non-toxic ingredients, it’s recommended that you use them for decoration only.

These go great with Erika's royal icing recipe!

Sparkling Sugar.

French Dragees Oyster Pearls.

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