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Churchmouse Teamaker's Year

Churchmouse Teamaker's Year

"Sip them seasonally or daily."

Our Teamaker’s Year collection contains one box each of Churchmouse Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. These seasonally inspired brews are blended exclusively for us by Steve Smith Teamaker of Portland, Oregon.

We frequently find ourselves sipping all four seasons of tea in one day. We love to start off with a brisk cup of our full-bodied Autumn or slightly fruity Winter black teas. Then, we sip our green Spring tea after lunch and enjoy a cup of herbal Summer after dinner on the porch.

All four boxes fit inside a sturdy, hand-made, reusable paperboard "Valet Tray". The tray is covered in bookbinder's linen with a protective coating, custom made for us by Mastercraft of Seattle.

The set is perfect for gatheringsa knitting group or book club, perhaps? And it's a great way to gift all four seasons at once. The set looks pretty sitting out on a counter or on an open shelf. When it's not holding the tea, the Valet Tray is perfect for kitchen, bath or officecollecting the little things that sometimes slip out of sight. Bring all 4 seasons home today on a tray (that's half the regular purchase price) and get a little more organized while you're at it!

A set of four charming string-tie cartons, on a reusable tray. Each box contains fifteen well-filled sachets.



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