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Churchmouse Blends - Discontinued Packaging

Churchmouse Blends - Discontinued Packaging

"Our favorite seasons of tea."

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Years ago, Steve Smith blended these four seasons of tea just for us. After over a decade, we're switching up the packaging! Help us clear our shelves and bid a grateful adieu to these familiar little boxes.

Churchmouse Autumn: A full-bodied, complex, milk-loving British-style black tea blend. This supreme brew is just right for mornings and as an afternoon pick-me-up.

Churchmouse Winter: Our first Churchmouse blend and for many, still the favorite. A satisfying black tea with just a 'wistful memory of summer fruit.'

Churchmouse Spring: A delicately flavored China green tea with lightly fragrant herbs. Will turn novices into green tea fans, and still please those who only go green.

Churchmouse Summer: This calming, nicely balanced herbal blend is caffeine-free. Drink it all day long and all year long. Very nice iced.

Churchmouse Winter. Box of 15 sachets.

Churchmouse Spring. Box of 15 sachets.

Churchmouse Summer. Box of 15 sachets.

Churchmouse Autumn. Box of 15 sachets.

Churchmouse Holiday. Box of 15 sachets.

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