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Blood Orange Marmalade - Medium Cut

Blood Orange Marmalade - Medium Cut

"From the slopes of Mount Etna."

Blood oranges are a scrumptious stand-out—that dark, crimson color is unique among citrus fruit and the taste hints of raspberry. But the blood oranges Thursday Cottage uses in their delectable marmalade are truly special. They’re grown on the slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily! Cool, Mediterranean nights, and rich, volcanic soil combine to create some of the best fruit in the world—which in turn results in a truly exquisite marmalade.

Thursday Cottage was started in a kitchen in Somerset, England in 1963. Though they are now located in Essex, nothing much has changed since then—the ingredients are the best they can find and the recipes are simple and delicious. Fresh ingredients are stirred by hand, and they still hand-pour the jars when they can because they believe it makes a better product. Lovely!

Large jar blood orange marmalade (12 oz).



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