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Cabled Moss Stitch Cowl Using Manos Maxima

Cabled Moss Stitch Cowl Using Manos Maxima

"Just the right amount of structure."

This free pattern creates a chunky, cozy cowl that takes advantage of doubled yarn for a nice, quick knit! Plump cables twist up among fields of delightfully dense moss stitch for a perfectly sized cowl with just the right amount of structure.

We’ve knit the Cabled Moss Stitch Cowl holding two strands of Manos del Uruguay's Maxima at once. A single-ply worsted-weight yarn, Maxima is plush and soft. Made of 100% extrafine merino wool, it creates a cuddly cowl while tidily defining the stitch patterns’ engaging textures.

See the Free Pattern tab for our Cabled Moss Stitch Cowl pattern. Then choose your color below—you'll need 2 skeins.

Approx. 9½"/24cm tall (with edges rolled) x 28"/71cm around.

2 skeins Manos del Uruguay Maxima (219 yds/200m each).
Shown in color 2426 Stratus.

US 10½ (6.5mm) 24"/60cm circular needle, or size to obtain gauge. 10 stitch markers (1 in a different color). Large cable needle. Darning needle to finish.

14sts/22rounds = 4"/10cm in pattern stitch, with yarn held double.

See the "Basic Details" tab for size, yarn, needle, and gauge information.

GLOSSARY: CN = cable needle; K = knit; P = purl; PFB = purl into front then back of same st; PM = place marker; RM = remove marker; S1 = slip purlwise; SM = slip marker; St(s) = stitch(es).

Cast on: With yarn held double, using cable cast-on method, cast on 90 sts.

First welted edge: PM of different color and join in round being careful not to twist. Purl 2 rounds.
Increase round: (P8, PFB, PM) 10 times [100 sts].

Cable pattern: Round 1: *(K1, P1) 5 times, SM; P1, K3, P2, K3, P1, SM*; repeat between * * 4 more times.
Round 2: Repeat Round 1.
Round 3: *(P1, K1) 5 times, SM; P1, K3, P2, K3, P1, SM*; repeat between * * 4 more times.
Round 4: Repeat Round 3.
Rounds 5 & 6: Repeat Round 1.
Round 7 (cable twist): *(P1, K1) 5 times, SM; P1, Sl next 3 sts to CN and hold in front, K3, P2 (when working the 5 sts that will be hidden behind cable, some sts will change from K to P and vice versa; this won’t show), K3 from CN, P1, SM*; repeat between * * 4 more times.
Round 8: Repeat Round 3.
Rounds 9 & 10: Repeat Round 1.
Rounds 11 & 12: Repeat Round 3. Repeat Rounds 1–12 twice more. Repeat Rounds 1–11 once more. [47 pattern rows].

Final welted edge: Round 1: *P10, RM, P2tog, P2, P2tog, P4, RM*; repeat between * * 4 more times. [90 sts]
Rounds 2 & 3: Purl.

Bind off: Bind off all sts purlwise, firmly.

Finishing: Weave in ends on wrong side. Wet block to specified dimensions, pulling cast-on (shoulder) edge a little wider and nudging bind-off (neck) edge a little narrower; dry thoroughly.

Download printable "Cabled Moss Stitch Cowl" pdf pattern.

COLOR: 2020 Spirulina. Shades of yellow, from gold to chartreuse.

COLOR: 2145 Coral. Hot pink.

COLOR: 2183 Sweet Potato. Rich glowing orange with splashes of coral.

COLOR: 2241 Sand. Sandy taupe with hints of warm wheat.

COLOR: 2349 Oxygen. Translucent aqua beach glass.

COLOR: 2426 Stratus. Pale hazy sky blue.

COLOR: 2451 Ion. Blues from cornflower to cobalt.

COLOR: 2545 Pewter. Dark slate blue.

COLOR: 2552 Foil. Pale greys, from silver to pewter.

COLOR: 2590 Natural. Soft pale cream.

COLOR: 2515 Slate. Moody blues and olive greens.

NEW COLOR: 2152 Cherrywood. Semi-solid russet red with hints of copper

NEW COLOR: 7164 Ultramarine. Variegated shades of tealy blues and greens.

NEW COLOR: 9775 Marble. Variegated silver, lavender, dusty pink, dusty blue, palest grey, smoke.

NEW COLOR: 6918 Camo. Variegated shades of olive, from light to dark, with hints of sea glass and golden moss.































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