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Blackberry Kerchief Using Shibui Reed

Blackberry Kerchief Using Shibui Reed

"Sweet summer accessory."

Beloved by pie makers, reviled by gardeners, the common blackberry is considered both a blessing and a curse on Bainbridge Island. But knitters love the plump texture named for this bobbly berry. Opened up in a lightweight yarn, blackberry stitch (also known as trinity stitch) makes dainty, lacy clusters. Plus, it’s handsome on the wrong side, too.

Knit in a cool plant fiber, like Shibui Reed, this little kerchief becomes a sweet summer accessory. Reed is 100% linen, but it lacks the crispness of most linen yarns thanks to its smooth, chainette construction. It’s pliable, sleek, and graceful—all qualities that emerge in the light, lovely drape of its knitted fabric.

Click on the "Free Pattern" tab to view the pattern, and pick up your yarn below. We have chosen some of our favorite colors of Reed; if you would like to see the full color selection, visit the Shibui Reed page. You only need 1 skein!

COLOR: 2001 Abyss. Deep inky black.

COLOR: 2003 Ash. Pale warm silvery grey.

COLOR: 2017 Velvet. Rich dark grape.

COLOR: 2031 Poppy. Cheerful orange.

COLOR: 2039 Imperial. Fuchsia purple.

COLOR: 2034 Blueprint. Bright, almost electric, blue.

COLOR: 2180 White. Bright bleached white.

COLOR: 2181 Bone. Palest linen.

COLOR: 2182 Shore. Bright sky blue.

COLOR: 2183 Petal. Bright rosy pink.

LIMITED EDITION COLOR: 2196 Riviera. Stunning cerulean blue.

Free digital Blackberry Kerchief: Shibui Reed version pattern. (Download)





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