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Barry's Tea

Barry's Tea

"Uniquely refreshing flavor."

For over a century, Barry’s has been skillfully selecting teas from the mountain slopes of Kenya, Rwanda and the gardens of India’s Assam Valley. The result, blended in County Cork, is the uniquely refreshing flavor and bright golden color of Barry’s Gold Blend Tea.

A natural source of antioxidants, this hefty, robust tea takes milk beautifully and is a delicious way to wake up.

If it's late at night or you're just cutting back on caffeine in general, you don’t have to compromise on the quality of your tea. Barry's Decaffeinated tea is a refreshing blend that is robust enough to retain its flavor even with milk. Perfect for drinking later in the day, it’s also delicious iced. So enjoy a cuppa and rest easy—it’s decaf!

Barry's Tea (decaffeinated), 80ct box

Barry's Tea, 80ct box



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