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Vanishing Fleece

Vanishing Fleece

"The journey of a 676-pound bale of wool."

In Vanishing Fleece: Adventures in American Wool, Clara Parkes leads us on a cross-country journey, following the transformation of a 676-pound bale of wool. As she travels from Maine to New York to Texas to Wisconsin and back, she gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the complexity of the yarn-making industry in today’s America.

Filled with a cast of characters that includes shepherds, shearers, dyers, and countless mill workers, Clara writes of her adventures on a working farm, in a dye house, in a scouring plant, and beyond, as her “great white bale” is transformed into skeins of yarn.

Author of six books, including Knitlandia, and the editor of the anthology A Stash of One’s Own, Clara Parkes has dedicated her life to finding out what makes wool tick—and writing about it!

Vanishing Fleece, by Clara Parkes. Hardcover, 184 pages.



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