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Rowan Magazine 63

Rowan Magazine 63

"Fresh elegance."

Both design stories in Rowan Magazine 63 feature a soft, fresh palette that reminds us spring is on its way! Cool neutrals and warm pastels splash across 39 new patterns from Rowan’s brilliant designers—in Rowan’s beloved yarn family—helping us look forward to the transition of the seasons.

In ‘Modern Nomad,’ a collection of 21 designs—both knit and crochet—use riveting stitch patterns and spring-y color mixes inspired by woven Nomadic textiles. These patterns for women range from gloriously cozy cardigans to light pullovers, from pretty wrap vests to generous shawls. All are elegant, comfortable, and eminently wearable.

‘Willow’ evokes the delicate, intricate patterns of traditional blue-and-white Delftware and Ikat fabrics in 18 stunning colorwork designs. Engaging textures, nautical stripes, and Fair Isle patterns grace pullovers, skirts, and even a few pillow covers!

Including a designer profile on talented crocheter, Jane Crowfoot, and featuring an article on the renewed interest in the art of weaving, this issue will provide endless hours of fiber appreciation and enjoyment.

Rowan Magazine Number 63; soft cover; 178 pages; 39 designs.


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