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Amy Herzog's Ultimate Sweater Book

Amy Herzog's Ultimate Sweater Book

"An everything-you-need-to-know reference!"

In The Ultimate Sweater Book, Amy Herzog answers just about every question we have about knitting sweaters—even the ones we didn’t know we had! This comprehensive book is an everything-you-need-to-know reference for designing and modifying sweater patterns. Whatever sweater-knitting level you’re at—from beginner on—this book will grow with you as your skills advance!

The The Ultimate Sweater Book is organized into four major sections: the basics (where you learn the foundations of sweater knitting, including measurements, ease, swatching, and how to draft your own sweater patterns from scratch); adjustments (how to make your sweater perfect for you, teaching you how to customize body, sleeve, and neck size and shape); embellishments (how to have fun with fabrics, stitch patterns, shaping, edge trims, pockets, etc); and garments (24 gorgeous, skill-building sweater designs)! Informative, all-encompassing, and fun, this book is a fabulous addition to a knitter’s library.

Amy Herzog's Ultimate Sweater Book; hardcover.



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