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Princeton Capelet Using Blue Sky Fibers Eco-Cashmere

Princeton Capelet Using Blue Sky Fibers Eco-Cashmere

"Simply sophisticated."

Whether worn as a capelet or as a generous cowl, this piece has a soft, sophisticated simplicity. Designed by Sylvia Hager for Blue Sky Fibers, the Princeton Capelet is shaped wider at the bottom and narrowing towards a drapey, cowl-like neck. So versatile, it can gently hug your shoulders or cuddle around your neck!

Blue Sky Fibers’ Eco-Cashmere—a DK-weight blend of half recycled and half virgin cashmere—creates a Princeton Capelet with lush, lived-in softness. Nice and lofty, Eco-Cashmere knits up into a cozy fabric with lots of drape.

COLOR: 1800 Polished Purl. Pearl white.

COLOR: 1801 Arctic Shadow. A light blend of white, grey, and sand.

COLOR: 1802 Silver Bell. Salt and pepper.

COLOR: 1803 Mineral Bath. Dark greys and browns mix for a classic tweed effect.

COLOR: 1804 Black Rose. Blend of dark charcoal and brown; the edge of a forest at night.

COLOR: 1805 Midnight Oil. Dark twilight blue.

COLOR: 1806 Crushed Coral. Dark orange, almost red.

COLOR: 1807 Gold Rush. Mustard yellow.

Printed Princeton Capelet Pattern (Requires shipping).



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