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Oliver Pluff Cacao Mint Tea

Oliver Pluff Cacao Mint Tea

"Peppermint and cacaoa perfect pairing!"

Mint chocolate fans, Erika and Gregory, put their heads together to brew a peppermint and cacao concoction—they blended Oliver Pluff & Co.’s Cacao Tea with Steve Smith’s Peppermint Leaves. Oliver Pluff & Cotea historians and connoisseurs extraordinairewere in turn inspired to create a cacao mint infusion of their own!

The toasty scent of the roasted cacao shells gives way to a full-bodied, bittersweet chocolate brew (Martha Washington's preferred morning beverage). The strong cacao notes are naturally complemented by the addition of light, fresh peppermint. Add a wee spoonful of sugar for sweetness and you’ll have an even more delightful cuppa. We think Martha would approve!

Oliver Pluff Cacao Mint Tea; 1.5oz/43g in a tin.



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